Started modelling my binoculars yesterday. After battling with NURBS skinning for a bit, this is how far I got. Worst should be over now…

Please don’t comment on the quality of the render at this stage. Believe it or not some people will comment and say ‘oh your render is disgusting and has jagged edges and a boring blue background’.

Whatever, it’s a WIP so just take a look at the modelling for now. Wires on request.


Modelling’s just about finished - I basically need to just add the lenses and tweak a vertex or two :slight_smile:

Comments please.

On to texturing / scene setup.


looks good. are you going to make it work?

Thanks. What do you mean by ‘make it work’?


Are you going to put actual lens in them that work so that when you put the camera where the eye should be it “works”.
Ive seen it done with a telescope but cant remember the topic nor the person who did it.

Oooh, well that’s actually an interesting idea. We’ll see how it goes.

Hmm, now I need an idea for a scene. So far all I have is a table with an outdoor background. Boring! %|