Hi all,

This was inspired by the Blender Guide. How? Well, when I got it I felt that I didn’t have any more excuses not to finish a model :wink:

Modelling time: 1 day (excluding NURBS skinning issues - thanks to everyone who helped).

First image: Render time: ~3 hours

Second image: Render time: ~3 hours as well

Render settings:

  • AO = 15 samples
  • 800 x 600
  • OSA = 11
  • Ray enabled

Comments / constructive critisism is welcome, but I probably won’t change anything on this.


PS I know that I forgot set smooth the cylinder in the middle %| [/i]

Very good and clean model, and very good texture on the grips. Good job!

well isn’t three hours a bit long for that render ???

anyway good jab

well isn’t three hours a bit long for that render ???

May be caused by this issue in 2.34. The link’s thread says that turning on the unified renderer may make it go faster…? Maybe?

Thanks all for the replies so far.

4Daniel: Thanks a lot!

Johan: Thanks, and yes, 3 hours did seem unreasonably long…

mzungu: Thank you for pointing me to that insightful thread. It made all the difference! Have a look at this image…

It’s exactly the same as my second one, but render time is 20 minutes!!! The difference? Unified Render turned on. The image looks the same to me.

I definitely learned something. Thanks, mzungu!

By the way, for those interested here are my sys specs:

Windows 2k
P4 2.8GHz CPU
GF4 MX 440 GFX card


I never had a problem with long render times for simple objects on my comp. (though I did hear before of the optimized version going to windows)

…never had a problem with long render times…

Its a bug in 2.34 having to do with the reworked osa and it only happens when ao is on. (I think?)

I definitely learned something

This will certainly be fixed for the next release, so the “unified render” button workaround is only temporary.