Binome WIP

Here’s my the Binome model from the TV show ReBoot. I’m still tweaking some things, so C&C is very welcome :slight_smile:

OMG Reboot!! I havent seen that in forever!!
From wut I can remember it looks pretty darn accurate! GOOD Job!
are you going to make any of the other characters?


I’m planning on trying to create most of the characters from the show, the easier ones first, like the 1 and 0 binomes, then Mike the TV, then I’ll see where I go from there :slight_smile:

Here’s another ReBoot character, ‘Mike’ the TV.

C&C Please :slight_smile:

I think mike’s arms were a tiny bit lower.

Might wanna up the subsurf, I can see individual polys.

And I’m pretty sure the binome’s eye was bigger.

Great work though, I love the hat; nice touch.