Bio war Need a team

Bio War

The year 2011 World War 3 break out. Countrys are fighting for resources and power.
March 3 New York, and L.A have been plagued by biological weapons. “Unknown Attacker”

March 9 800,000 Americans are reported missing minutes apart from each other.
The government is saying this is a attack on our nation. Others believe this is the governments doing.

Biological Warfare Research is being done at “unknown location”.

Your eyes open only to find your self restrained on a table. You have no clue how you got to this place.
You can hear people talking…

1st unknown voice “This was not needed 800,000 people. These people have family’s!”

2nd unknown voice"We are at war! So do your job!"

1st unknown voice"Yes sir!"

Tony Salvati
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Jessica perezi
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Zombie FPS /RPG

As you advance through the game so will your weapons you use.

Xp is used to upgrade weapons. Buy new weapons, and to unlock doors.

You will start off with a low swarm of zombies that will increase over time once you have eliminated all zombies you will be able to move on to the next map. Most of the maps will be indoors.

There will be lots of weapons in the game from assault rifles sniper rifles sub machine guns knifes and experimental guns being made for ww3.


Night_Diablo- Head Level design/Story creator

SavageSolja- Level Design/Story creator

MissSavage- Character Artist

Dhaher- Texture artist/level design/modeler

Rambo187- Modeler

What we need is a programmer and modeler… We each put in 4 hours a day on this game so i would hope to get just as much out of the next person who joins.

sounds kinda cool, N-Diablo. might ba a neat game if it is programmed, animated, and maybe modeled correctly. I would help, just I am in project Asteracers, ColdBlood FPS, Blenderkart, my Nerf game (maybe you could help me :D) and Disaster Follows… so I am kinda busy… :frowning:


Errr… Zombies, always zombies… show us that you’re not a newby and use creativity, make something new !!! Start a new game branch, creat a new world, develop your own style, anything to make yourself distinct from all the others !!! I don’t want to be rude, its a friendly critism :).

Happy modeling

sounds good and well thought out. If u want any modellers and level designers count me in. :wink:

Well then your in :)… Are you able to do glsl? Once i get home from work i post some pics to give you some idea on how big the levels should be. I also need models of guns. Ill make a list of all the guns in the game when i get home.

lol …kewl story but too bad such games are really hard and always fail .because it needs cenimatics ,looots of programming etc.which needs a whole crew not just a team .

Well what i was thinking was just showing text before you start a new level. The rest of the story you can find out by exploring the maps finding documents reading the computer screens and so on…

I imagine the story is some what good if it made you picture the story in your head. :slight_smile:

Sounds alot like fallout 3?

like Deus Ex ?? ,it had one of the most awesome stories …

Never played fallout, but i hear its good. I would say the game play will be more like cod waw zombies… Just with a story and modern.

fallout 3 wasnt like that at all …you come out of moma’s huge belly at the start of the game …

check this video to see my most recent glsl attempts.:smiley:

Thats great dude :slight_smile:

Cant wait to see what kind of levels you come up with.

You got aim? or something that will make chating and file sharing easy…

Good luck with your project, I wish i could help but I am too busy


Ok updated the first page with the team so far… We really really need a programmer. That is are main problem so far. Modeling we can do… it would save us some time if we could get a modeler though…

So far we have started on the first and second levels of the story. We have textures being made right now for these stages.

We have are first concept art of are zombie…

Pics will go up soon… We are all kinda anal about things so we want it to look good before we post it up… I think we will do a demo video as well showing off the game.

Please help with programming if you can or point me to where i can find one…

I can model objects (scenery, weapons, ect, ect, ect…) pritty well if I have a picture of what I’m making

just PM me if you need me :smiley: