Biofreeze bottle

Considering i’ve hardly finished any project or post on i’ve decided to start simple. My previous projects were a tad unfeesible for such a nooblet. So using my awesome creativity i’m replicating a biofreeze roll-on bottle. Feel free to crit harshly i’d do the same just keep in mind that my age betrays me for i’m much younger to blender than it shows.


My Replica

use set smooth.

also, take a closer look at the top of the roll on, the colour of the applicator is very slightly off.

Are you going for an ultimately copied duplicate cause if so then I have a lot of suggestions, if you’re just going for the basic design with a different twist then i’d say you’re pretty close to done. You might consider toning down the lights in the scene and using some global illumination to really sell the studio lighting. :slight_smile:

Your proportions are off. The neck to the roll on is to thin and the roll on ball is to small it has to be larger. The decal isn’t as wide as on your reference and you are missing the blue small print.
As said before your bottle needs smoothing.

Also, isn’t there some kind of screw-dup tool like the spin-dup? That would help you do the threaded part of the neck in a flash.

Now I want to try calling someone a “screw-dup tool”!

I don’t think he will be replying to this seeing as his latest post was from a month ago. Stranger things have happened though.

It appears there is fan here.

hehe you never know he could be back, i know i don’t make a habit of posting sometimes for extended periods either. :slight_smile: