Biohazard - Radioactive -symbols!

Hey everybody,

somehow I ended up in a conversation today talking about a Bio-Hazard.
I found myself the logo in the internet and thought, that this would be a nice
practice for my modelling.

After the biohazard was modelled and I was pleased by the modell,
I took on the radioactive-symbol. Well, there you go, short render and
two wire-frames. As you can see, no triangles :slight_smile:

Now, any ideas how to improve the modells?

If not, I would like to see those in a scene, any imagination what kind of? :wink:
Ad, of course, it would be nice to have them glowing a little bit, so that they
kind of “glow in the dark” to make them look more dangerous gg

Greetings and a blessed Easter Time!


The Lord is risen


hi, your wirl is much gross;):wink:
here is tril for better wir

subsurf thicken wir :wink: therefore not have to be so much gross :wink:

hehe, yeah, it was way more “tidy and clean”, but a view loopcuts later, it looked so messy.

I re-modelled it, hopefully it is now much better :slight_smile:


Ha you gave me some great ideas for my vj loops doing these models, looks nice, though am no pro at mesh modelling don’t know what the “standards” are so can’t crit your mesh. Looks good neways :slight_smile: Thanks for the in/unvoluntary ideas :wink:

so, here comes another try on the “atomic”-symbol, and I stumbled upon a “chemical”-one
on wikipedia, so, I modelled it, too :stuck_out_tongue:

your welcome for the ideas :wink:


You should try making these with curves.

It’d be really easy, and you might even get better results.

is it possible to give curves materials, textures and so on??

Because I just thought of a way I want to use these symbols:

I have this picture in my mind: A fence with a blurred out wasteland
in the back, a sign in the front with one or all three of those symbols
for sort of a post-apocalyptic zone. Dunno.

I am doing all blender-stuff for learning purposes anyway, so I want
to improve my modelling-skills, texturingskills and (for the blurr i think)
I would like to be friends with the node-compositor?!

Yup, you can texture curves, but I don’t think you can UV map it.

Curves are just really nice to model things like logos and symbols.

I made all those with curves.

I definitly like your logos. But after reading some sections about Nurbs and Bezier, and of course the surface-things, I still don’t seem to be able to acomplish anything showable with curves.

So, here are some questions for you :wink:

  • Which curves/surfaces did you use?
  • How many? Settings? Like Resolution and strength and so on

may I have an example file to study? If the others are some “actual work”
and can’t be shared, do you have any that could? I would highly apreciate that!

Curves…can be converted to meshes with alt-c. so if need be i would model with curves and then convert to mesh :slight_smile:

yeah thanks for that hint :slight_smile: But I can’t even get it right with curves in the first place, that’s why I started with a mesh :wink:

Yes, but keep a copy of the curve!

Anyway, curves are perfect for this job. They’re much easier to model logos with…

If you want the easy way out, download a SVG image of hazard signs, and import them to Blender.

Well, maybe if I provide more information somebody can help me better :wink:

I finally managed to get the shape right. But how exactly do I give my flat
surfaces some depth? I mean, alright, I can extrude a NURBS-Surface, but
I don’t seem to be able to close it, or to merge certain control-“vertices” of the
curves and so on. I mean, if I look at Hobo-Joes logos, they are kind of…
3D, with depth and very distinct and clear.

Sorry about the late response, I didn’t see your posts.

I’ve made a pic that explains how to do the curves.

And yes, I use bezier curves to make all of those.

To close a series of curves to a filled shape, select the first and last sections of the curve, and press ‘C’. This will fill the space between the two with another curve, and it will close the shape.

Another little tidbit: If you make two separate curve shapes that are closed, then move one on top of the other, they will ‘intersect’ to make a hole in one. That’s how I did the ‘2’ in the HL2 logo, for example.

wow thx :slight_smile: I tried around a little, but I think 2morrow there will be something
on those “hazard”-symbols :slight_smile:

woohooo :slight_smile: there is my first “atomic”-symbol all in Bezier-Curves :slight_smile:

thx a lot Joe!!


Happy to be of service. :slight_smile: