Biological animation - ostioblasts and ostioclasts

I wish I could enlighten you more on the science this is based on…

But there are these little cells that live on the surfice of the bone - and I’ve been asked to do an animation about them…

Please comment… I will post back when I know more of the science this is based on.

Very nice, the motion of the blue and pink cells are really good and also the textures are nice.

The oily film on top is a bit distracting and in my opinion the blue cells could be less transparent.

It would be really interesting to know what happens with these cells :wink:

this video - not my own - one of my main points of reference - - explaind what the cells do quite well.

The bubbles are a video of oil in an oil-burner, and is only there because I think it looks good… yes it may well be removed. I’ll be talking to the client on Tuesday - so at the moment I MIGHT be finished, but I don’t know.

Hi Yogyog,
the effect with the oil film is nice but too strong in my opinion, maybe try it with smaller or less particles.

Good luck with your client

It is great, I like the displacement etc, is that dynamic paint?

Can the bone destroyers be transparent and show the

Can you show them emitting the proteins / enzymes that would result from tearing apart the existing structure?
(I am not sure if they absorb the stuff they are dissolving)

Amazing!! I love it though!

nice animation. Thanks for showing


The cells on the back are in fact a video of an oil burner - with oily bubbles on water.
Yes it is dynamic paint - an effect that made this project possible!
As for having them emit proteins / enzymes… I’m not sure… this would mean that every particle has to have a particle system coming out of it…

What I personally think this needs the most is a voice-over or something similar explaining the science behind it.

I would second the opinion that the overlayed “oil burner” animation is distracting and somewhat obvious (it strikes you that it’s not a part of the animation, since the movement of the medium is not affected by moving cells). I would loose it completely in my opinion, especially if this would serve for educational purposes, when you need clarity. If you trying to achieve a murky effect of the fluid between muscles and bones, try to use some kind of foggy layer in post processing.

Otherwise the animation is superb!