Biology School Project (update at in 4th post)

I’m doing a school project. Here is a model of a Nephron.
Give me any advice on improving it.

In case you were wondering it’s supposed to look like this:

this looks simple, but nice

Update: Plz more feedback this is an IMPORTANT school project :frowning:

Hi VulcanKid, you’re project looks nice and promising. I feel you just has open the door of something big.

By now that first image is really nice and the rendering looks realistic enough. The mesh of all these convoluted veins and tubules provide enough detail, variation and realism. My impression is that the “blue veins” doesn’t look blue enough to me and I’m sure that the model would look even better when you provide some sort of background (well, I guess that something similar to the reference image). Also I would point to that it looks that the model is short on light, specially on the blue veins and the water sphere. I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks VERY VERY MUCH for the reply llunasol :smiley: ! I will get started on fixing all these things :smiley:

ooooo a nephron. I actuallt really enjoyd drawing naphrons… :slight_smile: looks good keep it going.

Very good. You may want to make the size difference between the afferent and efferent arterioles more obvious since the bloodvessels into the Bowman’s capsule are slightly larger than those leading out, causing a slight increase in pressure in that area. I think you may have done that in your model, but you may just want to emphasize it more so someone who doesn’t know much about this will actually notice it by themself.

Lovely model but the H2O in the default blender font hurts to look at :frowning: Also, the sphere itself doesn’t match the other objects. If I were you I would shut off the raytracing on it because from a stylistic standpoint it’s out of place. All its doing is slowing down the render and detracting from the composition in my opinion. Turn it off and give the sphere a more even material (perhaps even just flat blue) and I think this will look much better.

Hi you all. I partially agree with Desoto regarding the water sphere, instead of mirroring I would activate the ray tracing transparency, it has more sense to me refracting the surrounding veins than mirroring them. All in all I think that the letters of H2O in plain sans-serif type is good since adds a touch of objectivism, though I would make the letters completely white :smiley:

My objection about the font was merely that its the default Blender font, which, although is quite nice, isn’t as attractive or simple as Arial (IMO). As for the sphere, I would simply leave all raytracing out of the picture. Raytracing is supposed to mimic the real-life properties of reflective/refractive substances, and since this model is clearly scientific and illustrative in nature, not realistic, it doesn’t make sense to raytrace anything in the scene as far as I can tell.