Bioluminescent Mushrooms

This is actually my first art work, so I’m looking for some criticism, suggestions or tips. The idea to for this scene came when I saw some of this mushrooms in my biology book, like this:
Than I decided to try to do that in Blender.:smiley: Here it is: to enlarge)

No comments?:frowning:

BTW, I made another render with a bit more light:

did you do it in 2.53 with indirect lighting ?

looks nice

should add some more normal mushroom around to see the difference !

may be add some fire flys too!

happy 2.5

I like Fireflys.
I prefer the original image, the mushrooms seem to glow more in that one. In the new one they seem to be at the center of a pool of light, but not actually glowing. IDK, that’s my impression.

would it be possible to upload the single mushroom original file may be

can play with it and add some fireflys around and see results

that would be fun to see and share it - nice test for Indirect lighting too

happy 2.5

Yeah, add some more things to make the scene look more lively/complex – fireflies
Here is a tut on how to make your mushrooms actually glow:
However Use this technique in combining the glow with the scene:

Well, I’m not using indirect lighting for a simple reason: it’s not in the latest builds, so I’m using a little trick consists in add point lights and some simple compositing. You can download the .blend from here. Feel free to play with it.

I’ll try to find a build with indirect lighting and add some fireflies to make the scene more complex/realistic. I’ll try to make some more trees in the background to give more the feel of a forest.

Thanks for the opinions :slight_smile:

ithis is a big file !

wow ok so your sort of using high rest modelling here

i’ll use some of the objects and make a new file in 2.53 and use indirect lighting

and try to upload if not too big

thanks for sharing

Thats true, the file is really big, it’s because the mushrooms have about 17,500 faces each, so it really increases the file size. Actually I shouldn’t have applied the subsurf modifier and there are backup versions in layer 20. There they have 1,120 faces, and still have the subsurf, lattice and armature not applied.
I’ll fix that problems in the next version…

funky lookin mushrooms :smiley: i like it

it looks like you used procedurals for your textures - you might wanna look up some UV unwrapping tutorials and try using a real mushroom image for a texture (maybe set to overlay so you don’t hide the green?)

there are a few mushroom textures at but i’m sure you can find more with an image search

oh and a quick modeling tip:
never apply subsurf!
it’s best to not apply modifiers unless it’s absolutely necessary

got an idea here

why other people come up wth other mushroom design with some proc texturing
to give some choice of mushroom

im, preparing the red one be back later on


I know UV mapping, I just was lazy because procedural textures did it well enough… I used color maps and tangent normal maps to make the tree barks…

I never apply modifiers with out reason too, when I apply I use to keep a back-up in the last layer. In this case I think I’ve applied to test lattices and armatures, but i forgot to go back to the original version.
thanks again for the opinions :smiley:

ok just for the fun of it i did a scene with several mushroom type and indirect lighting in 2.53

it’s probably a lot easier to use IL in 2.53

C & C are welcome
happy mushroom & 2.5

RickyBlender can you post the blend pls? I’m having problems with indirect lighting and I wanna take a look at your file, the result is really cool.

let me see if i can reduce the size cause right now it’s around 7 MB
i’ll ry to remove some of the things and load the basic file with min objects

cannot load more then 1 MB here be back soon


hope i can oad this 1.4 Mb file

with the basic IL set up

well it did not work the file is too big

so here is link for Ztestmush file it’s about 2.2 MB
so download it and will gie the basic set up for IL scene

there is one small lamp in middle to give some ambient light but you can remove it if you want a much darker scene
and only IL

select the grass plane and go to particules panel to increase the particules amount to 5000
or more to get more grass!

happy 2.5

Thx for the file, Ill take a look