Biomechanical Simulation of Bats and Kung Fu bowstaff skills


(Yutaca Sawai) #1

Varipon Institute found out the movement mechanism of the shoulders in the Kung Fu bowstaff skills cycles uses the same mathematical formula used by flapping of bat wings. Stay tuned!

Pierre Belon (1517–1564) was a French explorer, naturalist, writer and diplomat. Like many others of the Renaissance period, he studied and wrote on a range of topics including ichthyology, ornithology, botany, comparative anatomy, architecture and Egyptology…

(Yutaca Sawai) #2

Varpon Institute already recognized the fundamental mechanisms of flight of insects and bats through the divine formula.

This time, Varipon Institute will add a mechanism to bend the fingers and fold the wings in the flying of bats. This is feedback of the advanced mechanism cultivated in the research and development of the human swimming stroke so far.

The bending of the wing of flying bats is using this fingers movement mechanism.

Bong Sau is the most distinctive technique of Wing Chun that imitated the movement of a crane fighting a snake. Bong Sau is often called wing arm. It is attacking aggressively. However, after the opponent intercepts, it functions as a defense.
Shibashi which is a Qigong training derived based on Tai Chi calls this technique Dragon.