Biomechanical simulation of Kung Fu (1)

This biomechanical finite element analysis (BFEA) will contribute to increase the force of Kung Fu sisters and brothers,

This is very impressive.
I discover your project after trying to reproduce the biomechanical behavior of the human joints with an armature and can imagine the great technical challenge that your model must have been.

It could be used to produce an automate.

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Hello, Sorry for the late reply. I visit this site once every few months when I make a new post, so I’m late to see the comments. The basic invention of this life work was completed in 2014, and after that, many applications were born, and from the year before last, the final design was completed. You are free to download and utilize the modeling data of these movements for your R & D and creative activities.

Access to holistic movement modeling data

Download Kung Fu movement modeling data

The movement of the dragonfly’s wings is sophisticated and might be helpful (using Blender 2.79).

Fundamental theorem :
Formula :
Infinite applications : ,


Thank you !

Your skills with biomechanical matters in Blender could be extremely useful to this project:

At the bottom of the ‘Atlas’ page, you’ll find a rigged skeleton that translates any .bvh file into a physiological movement of the bony parts.

It is not perfect but I believe that it goes in the right direction:

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Sounds like interesting. I try to commit to that project. Thank you for telling me !