Biomechanical Simulation of Kung Fu (3) : Biu Jee "鏢指"

Recently, I invented a new movement mechanism and implemented it at the twist of the spine and hip which are the most esoteric movement. As a result, the spine movement was improved well. I will explain the structure of this movement mechanism next step. This mechanism structure also can apply to the body movement of caterpillars such as butterfly larvae. It could also be used for biomechanics analysis for MLB High-velocity pitchers having great curvature of the spine.

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Задание 2.9.3: Биомеханическое симулирование кунг-фу (3) : Биу Джи “鏢指” - позвоночник и бедро, которые являются самым эзотерическим движением

Ее концептуальная хореография дала мне ключ к разгадке целостного механизма позвоночника.

Фундаментальная формула, которая объединяет каждое духовное добровольное движение, которое тренирует все земные тела и дает жизнь неодушевленным вещам :

The diamond rhombus configuration (Remastered version)

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Tan Da - Dispersing & Hit

Wing Chun master Shaun Rawcliffe

Lineage Ip Chun

Midlands Wing Chun Kuen


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Combination : I. Bong sao II. Lap sao III. Fak Da

Wing Chun grand master Yip Man and Bruce Lee

Combination I. Bong sao II. Tan Da

Chu Shong Tin the King of Siu Nim Tao

Lineage Ip Man

Chu Shong Tin was Yip Man’s third Hong Kong disciple. He is known as the “King of Sil Lum Tao” and “Internal Wing Chun”.

Chu Shong Tin Siu Nim Tao - compilation

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Tan Da - Dispersing & Hit

Wing Chun master Lui Ming Fai

Lineage Ip Man

Lui Ming Fai Wing Chun Study Society



“Wing Chun” Documentary


I. Man sao (Asking) II. Lap sao (Deflecting) III. Pak Da (Clapping / slapping & Hit)

Wing Chun master Samuel Kwok &

Lineage Ip Chun , Ip Ching

Grand master Samuel Kwock & KWCH in Russia (Moscow)

Fak Da - Whisking & Lower Lying-palm hit

Tai Chi master Cornelia Gruber

Lineage John Chung Li , Bow Sim Mark

School of Tai-Chi Chuan Cornelia Gruber-Bilgeri

The Taijiquan & Qi Gong Federation For Europe

Bow Sim Mark Tai Chi Arts Association

Following the biomechanical rotation and pendulum mechanism on the our formula of voluntary movements, we have seen Chinese martial arts’ centerline theory.

As well as, that formula can explain the ATP synthase’s rotational motor mechanism.

Microscopically, in mitochondria, there is a molecular machine with a size of only 1 nm called ATP synthase which consists of two main subunits allowing the rotation and pendulum movement motor mechanism. It’s an enzyme that produces the energy storage molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the most commonly used “energy currency” of cells for all organisms.

A large amount of such the nanomachine gather and self-organize to create human running, metachronol waves in the coordinated movements of the legs of millipedes and serpents clawling, ciliary movement of the oviducts, photosynthesis, as well as collective behavior of living organisms.

Macroscopically, the our formula also able to apply to that the dark energy’s repulsive force accelerates the expansion of the universe, and the dark matter’s attraction winding up the galaxy clusters.

Download the simulation data of the formula that integrates every spirit voluntary movements that exercises all terrestrial bodies and gives life to inanimate matters.


  1. Download & Install Blender 2.8 from here.

  2. Download the movement modeling data with Python script from here.


  1. Click the button “Run Script”

  2. Hit the spacebar = simulation



Task 2.9.3 : Biomechanical Simulation of Kung Fu (3) : Biu Jee “鏢指” - movement modeling

Python programming is complete.
Next time will be the simulation test.