Biomeka Creature nr2

Okay so yes… i was bored and decided to experiment a bit with modelling… started to create something strange… here is what i gots so far…


Wow, your modeling skills are insane. I love the feel of this. Gonna make a body for it? The texturing is especially…yucky! I love it. :slight_smile:

BTW I had to use a lot of gamma correction on this image to view it on my CRT as it looked almost completely black.

Wow thanks… i thought its nothing… anyway. I really need to figure out this gamma level stuff. HOW do i get proper Gamma for my monitor to make sure everyone else is seeing the same i am… :S

I’m sure there is a way in Blender to do it but I always just use an image viewer and correct it there. I have the same problem when I work on my LCD monitor at home then use a CRT at work. Here is the version I viewed after correction:

Yea I like the lighter version much better. Great modeling skills btw!

Sweet! Really nice job…any you thought it was nothing.

The lighter version really allowed me to see the details better but the darker version has a great feel to it. You might want to increase the gamma level just a bit more to find the right balance for everyone.

I just did 3 differend calibration tests and 2 of them are showing that my monitor is set perfectly right… ony showed that i should actually darken it (which was obviously faulty test) … So question is…

Do we all have properly calibrated monitors its just the artistic views of each person that is differend?

When I look at the lightened version on my LCD here at home it is way too light but looks much darker on a CRT. The first version looks fine on the LCD. When I look at the first image on the CRT i can see almost nothing but the shiny reflection at the top. The version I lightened is probably too light, I just did that so I could see the details. The darker version does have a better feel to it overall.

Updates… added parts of body… figuring out details…

Looks great!
Very interesting concept.
Do you have some preliminary drawings of it? Could you post different angles of the head?
I suppose the moddeling is for animation. It deserves to get into movie.
Looking forward to see more!

Nah i just figure it as i go along… I gots my head full of this sort of creatures. :S “freemodelling” is just outlet for them :smiley: .

I was thinking to make it “poseable” yes…

Dude, that thing is stank awesome! I absolutely love the materials. I’ve never modeled a character before, but I suppose that once you model it and rig it you just keep him around to put him into all kinds of neat situations. You could have him, like, sipping tea with Little Bo Peep…That’s what those eyes remind me of - “I’m just enduring this…”

Just added layer of body details. Starting to move into hands…

Got some ideas for the hands from Creature Factory. Maybe made too similar… should try original aproach…

ton of updates. Reset the lighting for example. Brought out some of the lost details nicely.

The only picture I can see is the one in the first post. Are you using a weird upload service or something?

The first image of this thread is the latest image of the wip.


But very well done so far, not much to criticize :slight_smile:

Parts of hand updated… Also some slight lighting and material changes.

working on hands… (image updated i mean)