Bionic Arm (ala I, Robot)

Hoping this is in the correct forum
So among a couple of other projects, I’m thinking about trying to make a bionic arm sort of thing, similar to Will Smith’s bionic arm in I,Robot.

Now besides adding a couple monkey heads to still pictures, I’ve never really done any compositing or CG effects, so I have no idea even where to start on this project:spin:.

My plan is to just start out with a still picture (maybe from first person perspective looking down at an arm). I see that there is a nice video that is close to what I’m looking for on here, but on first inspection this is getting into a lot of animation, which I’m thinking may make this too much of a challenge for me to begin with.

I guess the initial questions would be, where should I start? Modeling the arm? Is there a tutorial that any one knows of that may walk through a similar situation?

Thanks in advance all, sorry for such basic questions!

Here is a video tutorial for AE that may prove useful.

Very interesting, thanks for the quick response LOTRJ. I’ll have to take a closer look at it when I get home this evening.