Bionic Eye

It’s the first time I post my Work in Progress project, hope you like it! Render with cycles. Cycles material are really new to me. I will inculde more render later.
First Render:

Last Render:

For more details : I used cloth simulation for the paper ball, the cigarette smoke is made with a textured plane and the cigarette ashes are made with a particule system.

All aids, criticism and tips are of course welcome.

Here is a little update with a render and the openGL-wireframe view.

The desk is no longer infinit and I’ve put a paper with two magnet on the wall. I change a bit some texture and added some detail to the note book. I also added a depth and field. For the last render, I will increase the size of the aperture.

I’m pretty happy with the result for now but… I find it a bit to ‘flat’. It’s like a simple picture, It haven’t any atmosphere. Any help for this? Some light tip or compositing tips?

Very good render, I must say. Impressive. I feel like a little more shadows on this would make it better, but that’s just my opinion.

Little test with different lighting and also volume scatter test. I think I will continue this way :wink:

if you didnt say that it was a bionic eye i think it would be the thing that tony stark has in him except in blue. real neat looking! my only suggestions would be to up the sampling a bit and tweak the crumbled up paper ball a bit (it kinda looks like it floating). but other than that awesome render!

And here is the last render :slight_smile: I’m settuping the lighting. I find it more realistic now. Enjoy.

How do you find it? Help me to make this better :slight_smile:

Looks quite good! I would tweak the cigarette smoke as it now stops on the air and looks odd. Also some materials need work. Example those wires look too smooth and perfect, ashtray is too clean etc. More textures, even if some grunge textures.

But, anyway. Loving the details!

Good work overall. My only suggestions would be to detail the “Loading” panel a little bit, and to cut out the cigarette smoke. Either that or redo it. Currently it looks like a spiderweb hitting some sort of black hole 5 inches off the table. =D While having smoke would be more realistic than not having any, it doesn’t look like smoke right now, so I recommend you redo it using the smoke simulator. You can composite a BI render of the smoke into your Cycles scene using this tutorial.

Thank’s every body for your help :slight_smile:

I agree with that so I put the shadow in my final scene compositing so I can change as I want.

Yep that was right. I 've changed it thank’s :slight_smile:

I’m still working on the texture but already change a bit the wire and the ashtray. For the smoke… I still have to work on it.

Thank’s for the advices. It was planned to change the loading pannel and now it’s a bit more complet. For the smoke, it’s very complicated to do something with the smoke simulator but I’ve time to experiment so I’ll choose the better result.

Here is the last render with a little easter egg.Can you find it? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s still noisy I’ve only 200 sample for test rendering.

Smoke… smoke… why is it so hard to do realistic cigarette smoke!!!

After trying softbody and smoke simulator, I finnaly decide to do it simpler : smoke picture projected on a plane! Why didn’t I thinking of that sooner?

Here is the first test. I’m pretty happy with it :slight_smile:

Here is, just for you, the clay render and also a wireframe render with freestyle.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

And here is the last render. I think it’s my ‘penultimate’ render. I will do a last render with more sample and better quality for the finished work thread.