Bionichle project

Hi all,

I’ve started working on modelling a plastic toy to teach myself some modelling technique - not scene-making, texturing or lighting at this stage.

Suggestions welcome, particularly related to the rounded part of this guy’s helmet. I’m having difficulty with this.

I’m basically producing a basic contour using nurbs surface curves, skinning to a surface and then trying to shape to the correct contours.

I tried using a mesh sphere and cutting away and shaping, but it was working even less than the nurbs surface idea.

Anyway - here’s what I’ve got so far.

Is there a better way of getting this shape - lattice deformation for example?


Please post the finished project. My son will really want to see it.

Bionicle (and Legos in general) seem to be more basic geometric shapes. I would probably start with spheres and cyliners–use booleans and extrude. Use some reference pictures as background images to keep the proportions in line.

If I ever finish it.
It’s taken me ages just to do this much and I haven’t done it awfully well.
I might start modelling other parts of the body and come back to the troublesome helmet.

It would have been an idea to use ref pics but I’m doing this one all by feel. So it won’t be perfectly in proportion I’m afraid.


The biggest part of CG is enjoyment. So enjoy what you are making and don’t worry if you’ll get it right or wrong. I am guilty myself… I often jump at myself for not being able to do some things, but I just keep on pushing on.

So far your model looks… like some kind of part… but it’s got detail, so that’s a bonus. I am not sure what kind of rounding you are talking about, but if you mean round edges, then you’d probably might want to use bevel option and set it to where you like it. Legos and such are pretty fun to make, especially, as stated above, because they are made of geometrical parts.

By the way, in case you didn’t know there is a very good option to make your renders look great. It’s kind of like lightning that brings out shadows from faces… distributes them… I don’t know… Anyways, it makes your renders look sweet. If you press F8, see the tab that says Amb Occ* ? Click on it, then click the Ambient Occlusion button. You can set higher sample count for better results (I guess), and also adjust energy for better lightning. I am not sure if you need this, but thought it might help you…

Can’t wait for your final product!