bionicle animation practice

This is my thread for animation practice. ill mostly be using my bionicle whenua model.

so far this is what i have.

pretty neat. Nicely modeled Whenua by the way, although the mask could use a little work. Animation-wise, the landing in the second video needs to be harder. His speed makes it look like he dropped from a significant height, so there should have a much harder impact, and thus, longer recovery time.

Did a quick track today. Imported some animation.

Very nice. Looking forward to seeing more


No way! I loved bioncles, had like all the toa at one time. The green guys were my favs. Too bad they stopped making them :frowning: . You own all the movies?

As far as your animations are going, they seem a little stiff. Like there’s not as much gravity as there should be or something. But other than that they look fairly appealing!

Oh and you may want to spell check sometimes, it’s obstacles not obsticles.

it’s obstacles not obsticles.
thanks. i edited it. :slight_smile:

i definatly didn’t have all the toa, but i still have two huge bins of bionicles. i get the feeling if they didn’t stop makeing them, i would still be buying them. :stuck_out_tongue:
i actually don’t own any of the movies.
Thanks for the help on the animation! I’ll work on aplying what you pointed out.

Looking good, but I have a few comments…

In the first video, even though I don’t see the feet, I still get the feeling the feet are sliding.

In the 2nd video, yes it appears to lack weight/gravity. I think the character should be dropping a little faster, then after the legs hit the ground, the body needs to drop a bit lower than it does, then recoil back up.

3rd video has the same problem as 2nd one, I assume you just used the same action. I think the fighting sequence needs to take place faster. It’s a hard balance, you don’t want the action to be too fast that people can’t read it, but at the moment it just feels too slow.

The biodance is cool!!!

The last video, I’m just not sure how the character is moving. I mean I know it’s sliding on the floor, but sliding that far after a little jump that doesn’t really jump forward that much? If the initial jump was forward quite a bit, then the character might have the momentum to keep moving forward… Hope that makes sense.


funny, i want more robots story !

Maybe a little bit faster? But you are improving a lot!

Big improvements! For the fall animation, you could improve the landing with the f-curve editor. By default, f-curves fade in and fade out (meaning movement slows down towards a keyframe) but you want the opposite for a landing, since falling objects are always accelerating. To fix this, just grab the handle for the keyframe where he lands and rotate it so that the curve gets steeper towards the end.

you want the opposite for a landing, since falling objects are always accelerating.

ah, that makes sense now that i think about it. thanks for the advice! :slight_smile: