Bionicle [ Animation update ]

Hello guys and girls, long time no post.

This is a project I’ve had for a while. Not much to say. I’m also working on an animation.

As always, I love harsh comments! :smiley:
(But leave some love too ^_^)

EDIT1: Just saw some stuff with the left arm, ignore it.

Animation is complete NOW WITH AA

Hei kjartan… PENT!

Thanks for the reply - kompis. :smiley:

Nice work on the bionicle I am a little iffy on the animation But I like the work you but in modeling the bionicle

MadMike: Yeah, the animation is a bit iffy. Mind you, this is also my first animation. :slight_smile:

And if some of you are wondering what that ghosting is; it’s because when I rendered it I chose 15 fps from Blender. But when creating a Premiere Project, there was no 15 fps setting. So I had to stretch the clips to make them fit.