Bionicle Bird

I’ve worked on this model since June, lol… i stopped modeling this because came out a software development and i had no time, well, and the school at the same time, now i wished to finish it. And i did it. well,come on give me your opinions!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Render time: 1.5 hours w/yafray 0.9

Woah, sweet man. That looks awesome!
Only thing I don’t like is the beak… there’s just something wrong with it compared with the rest of the bird. Maybe it’s not smooth, rounded, and flowing like the rest of the model.

Apart from that I really like it.


yeah, i know. I wanted to look with a different material, a non-reflectant material… hahaha… i think that it would be better if i put some texture there.

Very nice! Looks like a toy! I agree about the beak but otherwise it is quite good

cool - blender/yafray can really throw out some good stuff these days when done properly.

very cool concept.

great work :smiley:

How is the rest of the model rounded? :stuck_out_tongue: You know the wings are boxes with spikes on them, right?

Anyway, the first thing I thought was ‘Ducks! :D’ cause I’m a fan of Elephants Dream. But, no, this is a different design. I like this thing, and yes, Yafray can do cool stuff. The materials are simple and clean looking, everything seems very well set up. Looks nice.

well, yes they are spikes, just for the look. Because supposedly it has propultion motors, you can see them through the green glass, and where the white spots are, so it just open its wings and fly “propulted” away!!!

I will never be able to modle something that amazing…

No, I like the whole squarish design, I just thought people were being silly with their ‘rest of the model is rounded why isn’t the beak’ stuff.

Wow thats very cool and unique, but id have to agree with Cuby on the modelling of the beak. I like the use of DoF - it really enhances the look of the image (did you use yafray’s inbuilt DoF?)

has a cool plasticky look. :slight_smile: