BIONICLE mask (Now With Body!)

How do you like this Mask?
Please give me as much criticisms as you Can.:yes:



It looks alot like I remember them from when I used to play with legos but the mouth needs to be more rounded


How about this?

edit: here’s Lewa’s mask to!:slight_smile:


Edited Lewa’s mask made it more dark.:yes:

And I Have an infected mask!:evilgrin:

all comments and crits are welcome!:yes:

Changed lighting also


now we need a bionicle to go with it

It would make the infected one a lot more realistic if you mapped a “rust” color to it using the colorband.

Tahu’s sword Rules!:yes:

now for a head…


can you Point me to a good rust?:eyebrowlift:edit: Never mind

which Colorband?:confused:edit: I UV mapped it

Thanks for replying:cool:

edit: Here it is:RocknRoll:


I feel like a someone who hasn’t done blender very often:mad:
you meant UV texture Painting didn’t you?

Here it Is (again)


Try modelling a whole bionicle, it will look much better!

I Will I’m making it a step at a time.
I’ve made a arm and a head.


Looks fine :slight_smile:

Made his other arm
tell me what you think:)


God I love it how people haven’t forgotten about the first and original TOA :slight_smile:

I Will I’m making it a step at a time.

NOT TRUE! first model, then lighting, then texturing. (works best for me anyway) :smiley:
drop the silly background colors, man, theres no need for that. Just make 'em black/white or a not too saturated color or a gradient of two close colors like white and blue tinted grey. looks more professional. your modeling’s going great so far, but watch those proportions! use references.

there you have 'em. beginners tips.
keep it up! 3D is a very satisfying work.

never mind my bad english.

I’m using actual BIONICLE parts as reference it works better for me

Thanks for the crits i keep all the ball and joint stuff the same and it keeps it pretty close:p

Added body. What do you think?

@claus I changed the background for you aren’t you happy:ba: just kidding i think it looks cooler this way:yes:!


Body= Great!
You might want to add a bit of a mirror to the mask and body and add battle scratches to make it look more realistic, because right now it just looks like game art. Also, extrude the masks in so they don’t look so thin and flimsy.

Posed Tahu done with most modeling
now i must rig it and make the feet
Must also texture the battle scars
i added my reference picture (2nd one is not mine:no:)


looks ok at the moment.

FEET!:confused: He Has FEET:D