BioRust "Blender & Yafray HDRI Tutorial"

Hey everyone,

I don’t know if it’s useful to anyone but I thought I’d post it anyway.
There are two comments on this tutorial (Blender & Yafray HDRI Tutorial) of people who say it doesn’t work, the HRDI map doesn’t reflect in the sphere.
There’s an easy way to fix this: follow the tutorial to the end, then go to the World Buttons in the Shading Tab, and under the Map To tab, click the “Hori” button and deactivate “Blend”.
Now your HDR image does reflect in the sphere.

Hope this helps!

actually it still doesn’t work for me. I’ve done it twice now, and even did another one on the blender wiki. >:i only thing that is confusing is adding the texture, do we actually have to go to the texture tab to do this? im not sure how to add the hrd file in the world tab if not…

edit: actually Im an idiot, I forgot to link the name of the texture-- it has to be same name on texture tab as on the world one, didnt realize they didnt auto link. doh!