Bioshock Rapture Scene

So I had watched Andrew Price’s most recent rust tutorial, and it got me thinking about things that would look cool rusted and things that already were rusted and looked cool. My mind immediately drifted to Bioshock, and I started making an audio-diary. Then I figured, “Well this needs a scene to go with it,” so I built a scene. Then I figured, “This sure would look neat with volumetric lighting,” so I tried that, too. Anyway, this is my hopefully almost done render. The buildings in the back are more or less placeholders until I feel like it’s good enough to make more complicated art deco buildings.

This is actually a still from an animation that I hope to render out one day. I have one long camera move starting from the window with a full frame shot of Rapture that dollys back, revealing this scene and drops down to the audio-diary all while Diane McClintock’s “New Year’s Eve Alone” clip plays. Some reveals are timed to the audio and whatnot-anyway, since it’s taking 3.5 hours per frame, I doubt that’ll happen any time soon, but here’s a still.

What else do you think I can do to it?