Biped Cat [New head added]

Please, offer any critique. I plan (By plan, I mean I want to but won’t get around to it) to redo the head, because in it’s current state, it seems pretty unanimatable. I’m also looking to rig this with IKs and whatnot, which are all new to me, so if anyone knows of any tutorials, that would be great :smiley:

Updated model, blend is updated, too. Come on people, critscritscrits!

Actually, thats pretty good. I would say the upper body needs to be a bit longer(or the legs a bit shorter;)) The torso and face could use a little detail. Maybe some textured versions soon?
BTW, check out my WIP, Ive got some cool pix, and anim reels thanks!

You’re very good. You’ve done some excellent modelling and texturing.

the torso needs to be bigger, and the head smaller
its quite nice though, i like the idea and i also like the feet on the model

I’m assuming you’re going for a some-what cartoon look. The ears look a bit too big in general, the mouth needs work (currently it is just a sort of dent), the middle section of head (the section where the eyes are) looks weird especially from the side (it could be a bit wider, and you could get rid of that crease around there). The upper body could be a bit longer, proportional to the legs.

EDIT: just noticed that you said you planned to redo the head. Oh well.


New head added, it definately needs tweaking. I plan to redo the ears, maybe. Blend is updated for your critiquing pleasure. Please, offer all advice or critiques.

Getting better. Ears are too big in y-axis direction, and droop in an odd way.


Yeah, id shrink the ears a bit. and bring the back of the head out a bit

Fixed head, changed ears, made taller, and discovered the smooth button.

As always, offer all criticisms. Blend there for your viewing pleasure.