Biped Locomotion

Hello world, all right?
well, I’ve been watching some games, and the vast majority looks that can not do in any way, I researched a lot, but I can not find anything at all about it, when there is a change of terrain, your foot raise and lower as it detects when the ground rises and lowers when.

also has this control mode, the character when turn, turn your torso first and then the waist down, and standing opposite the side he turns, the next step that is turning.

If you have any tutorial, or you talk me python modules that use, and logic, I could get to do, I’ve seen some with constraint example, if it is equal to the examples, it also.
in the style of GTA 4, sorry for the bad english, and for so many questions.
Thank ten of now.


I don’t think I can help you but AWSOME!