Ok well, here is the finished mesh of my newest project(which is basically me learning the walking animation).
My subject for learning is this bipod, two legs, and a body. Something simple to start out on.
C&C are welcome!


I like your robot or bipod a lot, but it would look better in a better environment.

If you could make a little robot town, that would be nice.

Actually i would like to se a blend file to see how you have made the textures.

Keep up the good work!

To be honest the textures arent really the most technical thing ever, its only an alloy texture on the body and a high ambience red ont eh eye. The background is a plane with rey mir on and an image from google.

Ive put the images but I dont have a way to put a blend file.

As for a better environment, Im not really running an OpenGL friendly card (ATI) so Im tending to lag with just this.


:oOh, i am sorry, but i didn´t ment the textures i ment the materials on the robot, and the lightning setup!:o

Well I dont think I saved the lighting, because I did a few more screens after it. But heres what I can give you
which has the locations of the lights, but I dont know if the values for the energies are the same…
Anyways excuse my extremely strange way of using the windows, and the huge number of vertices.

P.S. It was rendered in Yafray.