Birch Grove

My latest work for the upcoming Evermotion collection of trees especially for Blender users. This image comes with a short tutorial that you may find right [here.


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who needs photos, when you can have a perfect picture like this. cant wait to see those places in vr.

I got excited when I saw your post, and you didn’t disappoint. A lovely work.

Fantastic Rener! Well done! :slight_smile:

the rendered image is really good and it’s good as Evermotion is releasing a models libray with .blend file format!!!

Oh my. I can almost hear the toads and mosquitoes. Gorgeous scene.

Thank you, it’s always nice to get such a positive feedback! I updated first post with yet another cover rendered in Cycles!

Beautiful work!

WOW, I´m speechless with those images, Congratulations! and good to hear that the .blend files are finally coming to evermotion. I would like to know about your settings for the environment light and what you´re using (HDRI, Pro Lighting Skies, Sun Lamp, etc) and if you used some kind of post-pro…Best regards from Cuba

I’ll probably prepare a short making of of the scene in the forest in which I’ll reveal all of scene setup. Thanks for an amazing feedback :slight_smile:

Wow! Stunning!

Really very nice. Lots of convincing detail brought together in a convincing whole. What sort of polynumbers are we talking here? It looks massive. All done in one render and not with some background detail pre rendered?
Edit: sorry just noticed you linked a tutorial. That will probably answer my questions.

I love the first one. Great job. I would add a bit of bump or displacement to the “road” - Great job overall.

I would really appreaciate a making of -

Beautiful rendering seems a real picture.