Birch Trees

These are the trees, I made for a recent scene. Please use them if you like.
The files a bit messy, and i hope everything is packed ok…

EDIT: sorry about that I had over looked all the licensing stuff,(really not used to posting in forums)

What license do you use when sharing this? My favourite is:

I have update the original link to a new file with a readme saying it is under the creative commons 3 licence, I hope this is all i need to do?

Yes I think it is. Awesome model! Thank you for sharing!

Have you though about posting it on BlendSwap?

Well glad there of use to you. I would probably have to tidy up the file a bit for Blendswap, I have same material under different names and the texture sizes are slightly large could probably fit the leaf textures on to one image.

if i get around to that I will update this link and see about Blendswap.

Please also consider, it’s independent of the blender format and has quite a lot traffic. I believe their concept is more positive for the free software community :slight_smile: