Bird Attack

“An abstract bird attacking a unknown object below camera”

comments? :slight_smile:


Nice done. Needs a little more expression, maybe more frontal view or a little brighter.

looks like a cool thing. But the textures look a bit low res, and i cant see very much

Looks great from what I can see. Try making a better light setup.

thanks! well I´m new to blender and 3d. been using it for 2 days now.
damn fun =)

yeah I know, the texture aint the best and the lighting could be better, will learn more about those things soon :cool:

Well I copied the image and pasted it in Irfanview to raise the gamma : that’s probably not what you intended but it was needed.

If you modelled that after on 2 days of doing 3D you’re quite the genius. :wink:
It is very interesting and complex. If you stick to it you will surprise us I’m sure.


thanks man :cool:
well I watched the videotutorials on and then just played around now for 2 days. those videos were really great for newbies!