Bird Ball

I made this scene a couple days after I signed up for Ian Hubert’s Patreon using a bunch of his assets. This is one of several projects I made largely out of Ian’s assets just to see what it was like working with them. Basically all the detailed models and the rocks are from Ian. I assembled this scene in Blender and rendered it in cycles, with additional color grading and effects done in Photoshop.

There’s no story to what’s happening in this scene since the whole idea evolved from the peculiar combination of birds, rocks, and mechanical bits I downloaded. Someday I might make a little animation of the light coming on and mechanical legs popping out of the ground and lifting the sphere into the air and breaking free from all the cables, revealing it was actually a robot all along! But idk when, or if, that will actually happen


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I like the concept, it fits good in Ian’s Dynamo Dream world :slightly_smiling_face:


Holy smokes, this is freakin’ gorgeous! It is nearly perfect. Nearly. It is only missing one thing. Just one… bird poop. Lots and lots of bird poop. Everywhere.

As a guy who lives on the edge of a national forest, and has millions upon millions of birds as neighbors, I have come to know one thing if nothing else about birds: they do a lot of poopin’! :poop:

You’d get many bonus points if you created everything, but this is still very cool. : - )

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great superb

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Thank you! I I love all the random bizarre sci-fi stuff Ian makes, so this was one of my attempts to do something similar while having fun with his assets

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Ohhhh I completely forgot about bird poop. There was even a bird poop node group in the blend file I downloaded with all the bird models, but I forgot to use it. Maybe it’ll make it into another project with birds!
But anyway, thank you very much! I do prefer to make everything myself for most of my projects, but it definitely was nice to have a bunch of pre-made parts to work with. I did learn a lot about how Ian makes them though, and I’ve got some ideas for similar workflows I’m going to use for future projects to make all sorts of mechanical greebles.

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