Bird Eats Bird, in my backyard

Looking out of the living-room window (from the 3rd floor) my 9 yr. old daughter said “Hey, there’s a bird eating a bird outside!”.

Well, I took a look and saw a hawk in a tree devouring a pigeon. Of course, I had to explain to her that this is nature, and that’s what hawks do. She is very much into nature, watches nature videos, reads books on animals and loves pets. This was an experiences for her.

I have seen these hawks before, in the neighborhood, and they are quite impressive when you see them in flight.

I have a video I made of that scene. It is “semi-graphic”, so some people may not want to watch it, although it is not much different than what you would see on television’s nature channel.

Once I was walking in th city (Hartford, CT) past a little group of sparrows on the sidewalk. I’d guess there were about ten of them. As I watched a falcon swooped down to the ground, flashed into the sky again, and then there were only nine sparrows. It all happened very quickly, and the sparrows that were spared didn’t even seem to notice the incident.

That looks like it hurts.

You have a nice camera, if it can zoom all the way over there.

I’ve really never seen anything in real life get torn apart before. So i always thought that if something like a pigeon were to get torn open, it would spill it’s guts or something. I guess I play to many video games.

Nice vid…we have some red tail here in Long Island, but I usually see them when Im driving…expect one time a month ago…one was perched in a tree in front of where I work…but that day I didn’t have my digital camera with me! :frowning: btw, any eagles where you live? as far as I know there are only a handfull in the wild here…they’re really impressive to see even when they’re young!

That was some awesome bird-eating music in the background. :wink:

For some odd reason, that reminds me of the time I hit an owl with my car. It thumped into the windshield so hard I thought it would have surely broken, but all it did was leave a few feathers and a stain… :-?

haha that music is so funny, lets watch a bird get its guts eaten out, while jaming out to some lite techno, haha

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You were quite lucky to be able to see that! Not much luck for the pigeon though, but thats life. If you go back you’ll probably just find feathers and bones, the rest of the pigeon being stripped clean.

Incidently, you may not know, but birds of prey don’t actually drink water, they get all their fluids from the prey they catch.


I did lots of research on that camera. I wanted to buy a camera under $400.00, but have good quality. It is a JVC “MiniDV” (uses digital tapes) It has true 25X optical zoom and it also has digital zoom (but I don’t use that). I just got the camera on Christmas eve, and still need to learn a few things about it. One thing, however is I can control the camera’s functions with my computer (like a remote control) and do precise editing.

I thought the same, about the bird being torn apart. Nothing exciting compared to video games.