Bird foot roll rig

So I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a good bird foot roll rig going on. I tried adapting the human foot roll rig tutorial that I found, but the foot I’ve got is just too different.

I’ve tried a combination of things. Track to constraints, copy rotation constraints, IK. IK seems to work the best, but it doesn’t allow me to freely rotate the other joints in the toe and it can, occasionally, “break” the bones (bend in implausible ways).

The rig is sorta complicated, and I’ve yet to organize it by making bone shapes and stuff to make it easier to know what controls what, and I’ve still got some areas that need weight paint adjustment, but that part is mostly done. There are other parts of the rigging that still need work as well (different help threads for that), but for this I mostly want to concentrate on the foot rigging. If anyone sees anything that is glaring wrong or awkward though please let me know.

Here’s the .Blend