Bird Heaven

:rolleyes:Bird Heaven:rolleyes:[]_bird_heaven.jpg
c&c welcome :slight_smile:

Nice work Jeepster.

Guess some clouds in the back would look pretty cool and would fit to the name of this artwork.

Little crit: Looks like the feet don’t fit to the stick

Nice. Though the stick’s texture is kinda weird at the end.

Yeah, maybe you need to recalculate the normals outside on the end of the perch.
Very cool though. I like you you stylized the wing. Still kind of looks like feathers.:cool:

It’s a cool bird, and I think it’s a shame it’s not in a more intriguing environment. I’d recommend scrapping the cage and making a new environment that’s as interesting as the bird.

You have an obvious mapping error at the end of the stick

The specularity on the bird’s tail feathers make it look a little like plastic, some feathers sticking out wouldn’t hurt either.

Too bad, birds in heaven still are locked up in a cage…
Good modelling tough

For the end of the stick, just pull that center vert out a little ways. You can’t have 90 degree angles when the mesh is set smooth. Or you could select all of the vertices on the end edge of the stick and rip them so you have a sharp angle. Nice job on the bird!

ya I agree with the normals problem there, I still think the bird looks wooden, or clay (it looks stiff too). The cage needs food =D, and water =D… I do like your kinda glossy metal/plastic texture on the cage and the chains are very well done…the part where the legs join the bird also looks somewhat seperated

bird looks wooden

title is bird heaven, but the bird is in the cage. how about putting humans in a small cage with birds flying outside the cage freely?