bird plane

just messin’ around again

I wouldnt call that just messing around
I call that awesome.
I like how it looks but the background scene is a lil too much.

Its great, but its a little to much to look at IMO. I think you should work on the lighting or something to emphasize the focal point…if you catch my drift? And in terms of reality that machine is impossible, lol.

This one looks great!!!

I think, it’s very cool.

thanx for the positive feed back,as far as the background busyness, I made alot of these textures in corel & keep trying to use them in pieces, not always successfully, thanx again

Heh. I like it.

That looks cool.
Do any of you think you could make a robot render?
With 2 arms, one hand and one pincer, 2 legs or spider legs, a interesting torso and a cool looking head with a small lamp attached

I have a picture in my head but i dont know how to use any render programs. :x

I also need a picture of a ball of energy and a cube of energy, if any one can help with that!

Thanxs very much

It’s just messing around. I wounder what kind of image you would do if you are not messing around.

Great work