Bird renders, trying to finish wings

Hey all,

This is my first ‘solo’ blender model. I did the ‘introduction to character animation’ tutorial, and thought I’d give this a shot.

I am trying to make a bird: sort of giant anthropomorphic raven / eagle (probably try both by swapping textures).

My problem is making a decent looking set of wings. I can get a sleek ‘fairies’ style of wings in that they are too flat and ‘artificially shaped’ (which I have now), or a dragon / bat style. I’m having trouble making it look feathery: I did try extruding a set of feathers from the back of the wings, but it just didn’t look right.

Also, a quickie: where can I find how to UVunwrap my models in blender? I have done it before using Lithunwrap (exporting to .obj), but Blender seems to do a lot of things within it so i assume it can UVmap.


yeah blender has some really nice uv mapping functionality built into it- if you have the cash I would recommend you get “the essential blender” book, that covers everything. otherwise do a search for some video tutorials on the topics you want- there are literally hundreds of them covering all sorts of topics, im sure you will find one on uv mapping

Nah, would rather not spend money on blender books. I’m just asking if there’s a standard tutorial to learn this stuff off of: I found the bsod intro to character animation extremely helpful, and wanted to know if there was a similar one around.

Has anyone got advice on how to finish the back of the wings though?