Bird walk cycle

ok this is driving me crazy. I have a wonderfully textured and rigged flamingo. weight painted perfectly and everything but i cannot get a walk cycle. I’ve tried for a few days now and i cant get it right. i’ve watched many videos of real flamingos walking but i cannot get it right. Any help here? i am just trying to get the legs to move right and its making me pretty mad.


flo_rigged.blend (469 KB)

i was just gonna send you this as a joke but when i watched it again i realised that the parts with them walking/strutting might acctually be quite helpfull coz its a simple side on view.

lol it was pretty funny. but yea im trying to use it as a reference.

hey duoc9119,

You’ve done a great job with setting up your character! You strike me as being genuinely interested in doing a great animation so I’d like to help you with your rig a bit here. I noticed that, no matter how good your reference is, you’re going to have a tough time animating with your current setup because the character has no IK on the legs… meaning the ability to move the body and have the feet stay in place. I’ve done a few minor tweaks and changes to your setup to make it more ‘animator friendly’ and optimized it to take advantage of the Auto-IK feature, which is a wonderful feature for posing your character in FK. Here are the changes:

  • removed both targetless IK solvers on the neck and tail and enabled Auto-IK feature instead. Just grab a part of the character to enable Auto-IK posing (the result is the same as targetless IK, but much cleaner since there is no broken constraint).
  • added IK system to the legs, involving a target for the leg, ankle, and each toe (which are now the controls). Also added knee targets to control the direction of the legs while in IK. You may want to include pole targets for the toes if you have problems with them flipping, but it should be fine.
  • changed the direction of the pelvis bone and added new controller for the torso.

So now the character can be put in poses a little easier and the animation process should be a little more intuitive. Understand that the neck and tail are now FK, so you will need to be sure to set keyframes on each of the bones. All of the bones for animation are on bone layer 2. Just block in your poses first, and go from there, you should be fine :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!


flo_reDesign.blend (522 KB)

wow the new rig works great! thanks a lot! I completely forgot about this thread until now and glad I remembered!