My current Wip, C&C are welcome.

Thanks for viewing.


A little update, i dont have much time right now.

Any comments?


Definately better! I like the style. Would be interesting to see it in colors.

The update is a definite improvement. The bird seemed a bit back heavy to me in the first image, the shapes all rounded instead of flat and feathery, giving me the impression of too much weight in the back. I was wondering how they would look all flattened out like ribbons, if it would look better or if it would destroy the look you’ve got going so far. The modeling you’ve done on the neck seems like flattening the shapes would work to make the back of the model more bird like.

Ditto pikseli, I like the style.

cool i like that bird looks wild good job

Jester :cool:

Really nicely done and a fun model. Looking forward to seeing the colors/textures. No crits at this stage :smiley:


thanks for al the comments, i hope i will have more free time on weekend to give this bird some colors and textures.

I will try to make the tail aspect more flat, i think you are right, it looks to heavy. Im not sure how to give the look of feathers without actually making feathers, i will try textures or maybe strands… i dont know yet.

my next post will have some colors at least.


AWESOME though in my opinion the face doesn’t match the mystical style of the body.

I REALLy REALLY like this model. It looks like it is ready to come to life.

I see it in red, no?