Birth of a dragon..

I’ve started work on a dragon, but would like to get some anatomy input. The modelling is done in SharpContruct and then imported into blender. I’ll make all the finer details in blender when that time comes…

The wings are a bit thin maybe, but that’s all i can see myself… Input is much appreciated :slight_smile:

can we get a non-wire version?

it looks really blobby, it needs more detail, like eye sockets, eyes, claws, the like

Two quick YafRay renders…

I’m planing to add detail like claws and eyes when the body is more done. As you can see, the wings are a bit “interesting”. I’ve gone blind modeling this thing, having a hard time seeing where i could adjust/how to adjust, so input would be nice… :slight_smile:

Well the main problem is that you work in SharpConstruct and not Blender. Use Blender to ge the major shape done. SharpConstruct is best used to add the finer details ( if you are not into Blender High-Poly modelling ). The other way 'round you will have a lot of troubles as for the time beeing this looks like a blob of jelly :wink:

BTW… the last picture looks like a new GamePad from above.