This is a homage to one of my favorite surrealist artists H. R. Giger and - to the alien movies.

Finally i did it, i think ;). You can see the development of this picture in the wip-thread. I took account to some suggestions in the final, which i didn’t take in account in former renders, e.g. darker bg, better dof etc.
THX to all who helped me!

It was a hard “Birth”, so you can see the title as a playing with words :wink:

Well i learned much about texturing, lighting, moddeling and postproduction during this project, and i am glad how it turned out…

Fog, dof and glow are postwork. Everythink is moddeled and all textures are handmade by my own (exept some procedural textures)

Some facts:
Programs used:
Photoshop Elements

Blender internal, no radiosity (i am a bit impatient ^^)

I think about 2 million, eggs and teh alien need most of them… Background has only 40000 I think…

Long, but not too long :wink: i think about 3 hours the foreground 2 the background. But i had more layers. I think perhaps 12 or 15 hours all in one

Tomorrow i will clean up a tiny little mistake, but no one will notice that, so i add this to the finished projects :wink:


Since so many people asked me how i made the slime - there is nothing special about this!
Here is the material:
The glow is done in postwork (Gimp) - blur

I love it! Some beautiful texturing work there, and the slime looks fabulous.

Extremely well done…


For someone who’s impatient, you certainly seem to have put a lot of time in to this image. It’s brilliant.

Congratulations. All the hard work has paid off, and you have a great result. What more can I say but well done.

great work!

only crit would be that i thought the alien’s teeth were more like normal human teeth? not silver and sharp?

but over all it is bloody brilliant, 4 stars!! hope to see you in the super snoby forum gallery, haha!

Disgustingly great! I can feel the shivers again! :eek:

Thx to comment to you all, i am really glad that you like this one! It was really much work to do that… I did not count hours, but it was long ^^ (I think that it lasted so long because i really did that to learn, trial and error principle ^^)

One Question to the english-speaking people here:
Is it spelled ‘an homage’ or ‘a homage’?

To the teeth: yea thats a problem, i think in every alienmovie the aliens have other teeth: The queen in Aliens (alien2) has transparent teeth e.g.

Hey dat’s kewl. How can I make one in blender can u show me? Or give me the blend file.

I’m trying to make the little spider creature which locks onto the man’s face in Alien.

That can be ur next project. He he


Bottoem right pic.

Also does anyone know about info how to code in python for blender? I want develop for blender software. Yay

I wish blender had features as good as zbrush


I think it would be ‘an homage’, since the ‘h’ is silent (but IANAET*). However I’ve been speaking it my whole life, and the absurdity of its rules still surprise me sometimes, so someone else please feel free to correct me if you know better. :confused:
*I Am Not An English Teacher

lol ^^

well i searched “an homage” and “a homage” in google, and i got 1.5mio posts on “an homage” and 750000 on “a homage” so i think you are right :smiley:

i corrected it ^^

Fantastic work. I followed this, though very quietly, in WIP. Turned out very nice indeed.


Very nice! How that slime is manufactured? It is impressive. Next time put lieutenant Ripley there :B

Ok, so much people asked how i made the slime - there is nothing special about this!

Here is the material:
The glow is done in postwork

thats it? nothin´but raymirror and transp? Ok…

Hi Jothmom,

Can you please send me the blender file for the mesh of the head. I want to work on the body to make it better. You can send it by private mail if you wish.

And a question. Can blender ever be as good as modelling in say zbrush?

As a huge fan of Giger and the Alien movies I salute you - great job!

WOW! I love the alien renders. I might have to try and model Alien sometime. Great job!

For once, I think I have to agree with Wu. The teeth don’t look quite right. I don’t think they aren’t supposed to be that long, but I’d have to look at a picture to say for sure. But all around great work. 4 stars here.

Great job! This render has a great “painting” quality too, IMO. The alien head material is perfect.

Fantastic job. :smiley:
You’ve banned the alien into this image. Now we are saved. :wink:

Haven’t read the whole topic, because I have to go, so it’s probably been said, but it is ‘a homage’

‘an’ is only used in front of vowels, such as “an apple, an ethernet cord, an indy car, an overruling, an uprising”

Hope too many people don’t get mad because I said this…