Birthday card for a friend

Hey guys - I’m working on an image for a friend of mine for her birthday. Just for the sake of context, we have this thing for making cards for each other and decorating them in a “childish” manner - art macaroni, glitter, etc. It’s kind of an inside joke. Anyway, her birthday is coming up this week, and because she’s a couple hundred miles away from me because of school, I can’t exactly make an actual macaroni card and send it to her. Instead, I’m making her a 3D image of a card and macaroni.

Let me know what you guys think - praises are welcome but critiques are better. It was rendered using a 20mm camera lens and some DOF compositing. Although a simple image, if there’s something that can be improved I’m all for making it better.


I think the macaroni could stand to be a little thicker, and the specularity eased a little, but otherwise i think this is a fantastic image, and more than just a LITTLE cute of a concept!

You know, I felt there was something off about the macaroni, but I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks!