Birthday Gift to my sister

Blender 2.67, Cycles


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Nice character, i like it.
Maybe i will be wrong but glasses is missing like the transparent object ?
Otherwise good job!

Hi Good pose and modelling and rigging and cloth texture. Thanks for share.

Beautiful! 5 stars!

really lovely render :slight_smile:

I like this. Very nice.

This is so cool. I love the expression on the face, you nailed it! And the composition with the books works really well. I love it!

Thanx every one

Thanx every one

thanx for the critic,
actually i renderd the glass, but your right that it seems so transparent, i ll make it again with proper reflection, and render it again,
i was in hurry as i have to gift her… :slight_smile:

Thanx for the five star…

Awesome! So cute!

Just lovely character.

I love the modeling and materials. Only crit: there should be some highlights at the glasses

This is cute, love it.

hey thanx buddy… your right… glasses needs some highlights…

Thanx jacklondon… ((:

“4 star” So Cute.

oiiii very nice … keep up the good work bro… 5 star

Thanx draguu for the 5 star…

Cute one. Your sister is really lucky. May this should be the best gift for her.