BIS - online material storage

Pattern with circles

Updated to v.1.6.4.

  • Two new modes were introduced to work separately, one for materials (easier to use) and the second – for node groups (for advanced shader making). In the “Material” mode, the entire material is stored and loaded. In the “NodeGroups” mode, everything works without changes, a separate node group is saved and loaded for the convinient creating complex shaders.
  • In the “NodeGroup” mode uploaded node group adds to the current open node group instead of the node tree root as before.
  • Experimental mode can be enabled/disabled in the add-on preferences.

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Updated to v.1.6.5.

  • Added the “Help” button with some useful tips.

BIS updated to v/ 1.7.0

  • As an experimental mode added the ability to store external textures to the BIS storage. The total size of the stored textures should not exceed 25 Mb.

But BIS still accenting on procedural materials.

How to make a pattern from the single element of the BIS library

BIS updated to v/ 1.7.1

  • Deselects all other nodes when adding node group from BIS
  • Some inner engine changes

BIS updated to v. 1.8.0.

  • Added two modes to the BIS panel in 3D_VIEW window: Materials and Meshes. “Meshes” works as previously for saving/loading objects. “Materials” – for simply adding materials to the active object.
  • Fixed critical bug from the previous version which breaks saving/load materials with nested groups.

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BIS updated to v. 1.8.1.

  • If you get material from the “3D Viewport” window it sets to all selected objects, not only to active.
  • New sub-panel “Tools” added to the BIS panel in the “3D Viewport” window. Added new tools button “Active to Selected” to copy material from active object to all selected objects.