Bisect as modifier

I don’t know, where I should put my wishes about Blender. I’am trying here:

Please, make new mesh bisect tool available as modifier.

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it’s colled bolean

Bisect seems to work much better than boolean. Or it is only my feeling? dont see how this would be useful :wink:

This could be though

I mean bisect tool new in 2.69 as Richard posted.

pffft i dont see 2 even objects!

So what can the bisect tool do what the boolean modifier cannot?

Keep both halves in one go?

if it was a modifier the slice plane could be animated so the bisection can change during a presentation.Mostly useful for architecture and CAD stuff i guess…

Exactly. And as second, I can leave original object and make several scenes with different sections of it.

As for boolean, I can do the same with boolean. The problem is, that boolean is very unstable (does not work in a lot of cases) and seems to me much slower that bisect. This is logical, slicing one object with plane is easier task that do an arbitrary intersection of two meshes (even if one mesh is some cube).

You can also do this already with the boolean modifier

2 Richard> Sure. But if we take it in this way, we don’t need bisect tool at all, I can do it with boolear modifier, only much slower ;-).

Bisect modifier may be significantly faster (useful for presentation) and more stable for this task.

Just a tip regarding boolean modifier, use remesh if possible to acquire regular quad grids for operands or subdivide with simple. Most boolean code has a higher failure rate on uneven poly sizes/shapes for operands (only complex ones that create volumic reps before calculations doesn’t).

2el_diablo> Already using it :). But result from remesh sometimes does not work with boolean as well. I must fix it manually (but it is much eaiser task than fix original mesh in most cases).

Maybe it would be better with a tool specifically for presentation? Like an interactive sectionbox / plane that only operate on clipping the view and not the actual geometry. Along the lines of sketchup section tool or the revit section box tool?

By my opinion, modifier created from this already working tool will be more universal and easier to implement than a new tool for presentation.

by the way there is the Alt-B in viewport only
which is less powerfull may be!
so this bisect as a modifier should offer a way to also render it

happy bl

You’re thinking of something completely different, a bisect modifier (which operates on a single object) would definitely have little in common with a tool that allows for rendering just part of what is seen in the camera, I don’t think a modifier needs special code to allow for it to render because the result is set to be visible during rendering by default :wink:

It would be a great modifier, especially if it could have an animation allowing you to add key frames and the cuts could also be run through the grease pencil