Bisect tool at precise angle is this possible?

Hi guy’s, learning my way from autodesk to blender and is there a way to bisect with precise angle like 45 degrees for an example?

By the way this tool so far crash blender to desktop when manipulating the gizmo and i am on latest stable build 2.91.

If not please let me know if there is an addon for this.

Since its introduction that tool in Blender was more of a freeform thing than anything. You could adjust the angle after the fact in the redo panel, but that’s only practical if you’re doing axis-aligned cuts, when the angles are easy to work out.
The alternatives are:

  • Knife tool with cut-through setting (modal key z) and angle snapping (modal key c). That one only allows 45 degree increments though
  • Face -> Intersect (Knife). With that one you can, in edit mode, just add a plane and rotate and position it however you want, then do a cut. It does require some cleanup work afterwards (removing internal face), but at least you can be precise with it.

Hi Stan, just tried the intersect and i get an error message saying no intersections was found?

OK got it it need 2 mesh sorry my mistake