Bishop's fish farm

So here is the first lowpoly fish…:slight_smile:


EPerch_fish.blend (1.47 MB)

Thank you very much - this perch looks lovely and real:)

Thanks!..more fish will hopefully tomorrow:)

Nice! I hope there will be rainbow trout too?:slight_smile:

Such a beautiful fish…of course:)

Oh wow, looks very nice.
Hope we will see more of this good stuff. Under what kind of license can we use that?

I guess it should be CC-BY(any purpose if credit).

Hi! What about tench - should I make them myself or you’ll make them too? :smiley:

Today I started with the rainbow trout , and then I can do it tench but you can do it too of course:)

About licence…yes,CC-BY(any purpose if credit)

OK! No - I mean like I will do what you don’t and maybe post here too for even larger collection in faster time. I may make 1 or 2 fish. I am voluenteer for catfish already…

Yeah, well…I will do this : 1.Rainbow trout- today-tomorrow
2.Northern Pike

A tench?:smiley: Northern Pike will be very useful for me - it is such hard to make…

Nice fish! Its okay to eat fish cause they dont have any feelings…

You need first of Tench?:)…well then I 'll do it first:yes:
…so by Thursday I would have done so three fish.

Thanks!:D:)…in our country as a traditional Christmas Eve dinner eating fillets of carp and potato salad:)

Do you say it because in this case they don’t feel paint when you eat them? Well - any animal doesn’t feel paint when you eat them - they’re dead. IMHO it is bad to not eat fish because fish are very valuable food containing many useful substances and fish is very tasty aswell:)

@Bishop, I need trout and tench now. Thanks for your help actually!:slight_smile:

I tried to model a catfish, but I failed. Organic modelling is too difficult for me:D I am able to model props, tools etc. But not livin things…

Another lowpoly fish- Tench:)


Tench_fish.blend (1.39 MB)

Nice! I can add this one too(I now have fish 1 and fish 3 models):slight_smile: Thank you, bishop! I hope this gets useful to someone else too;)
I hope that next one is trout:)

Catfish is not so easy… :slight_smile:
Yes, trout should hopefully tomorrow:yes: