Here is what I have done so far.
The ship has allot of curves. Help with good lighting to accentuate those curves, would b appreciated.


Here is a little work on one of the “small” guns.


A tip for lightning, try to add some surfaces around the mesh; plane under it, wall behind, something above it. This way, the light will bounce more and give a more natural lightning. That is, if you are using cycles.

You are off to a good start!

For presentation of curves only, add a mix material of 10% glossy and 90% diffuse to the body. Then add long and thin mesh lights to illuminate your model from the top and sides.

For modelling i suggest to switch on Matcap! Its perfect for displaying surfaces live.

Good luck with your project! If everything gets as detailed as that turret, it will become surely amazing.

I suggest to delete the top surface of your basic model and add a solidify modifier after.