Bison Runner - BETA

Bison Runner beta. In Style “Runner”, you are a bison and have to avoid the obstacles that appear in front.
The game is being developed by Six Day Studio, having as its developers: Juninho Silva (Programmer) and Rodrigo Burjack (Design).
A version for android is being produced …
Thanks and enjoy
Gameplay Video:


Link for download:

Excuse any errors in our writing … We are brazilians.

So funny and nice game. Simple, but fun. I really enjoy watching the video and will test the game right now:)

EDIT: Runs fine on linux through wine. I set 8071:)

nice job. I really like the style of the buffalo.

Good job.

A few little things:

-The hole in the ledge looks like you have to jump over it.
-The walk animation in the menu looks a little slow.

Both thumbs up! :yes: