bit confused

I’m a bit confused on the plugins for blender, i’m not sure what some of them are, and i’m not sure where they go to use them, like a textures plug in, where would i put the actual file and how would i then use it
Thanks guys and gals

I am not sure but U cant get more info in the plugin website of the author.
I think,
Texture plugin can go anywhere but make sure where u put it.
then go to texture add new.
select plugin in drop down menu.
Point to the script.

Normal lgins go in the plugin folder.
This is all i know.

great thanks it’ll be a place to start, i think i’m getting too into it and confusing myself,oh well i’ll learn the hard way if i can’t figure it out soon :slight_smile: thanks and i’ll try it in the morning,time for bed, just finished my first rendering, well, almost,pretty close though, and gonna have to work on it more