Bit of a filling problem (Brezier curves)

—Summary of thread!—
When tracing with brezier curves, you cannot do the entire object at once. This was my first error. I solved this by using shift-D to duplicate the object, then the M key and moving to the next layer. Layers are here in the wiki:

After doing this, I made each layer into one part by deleting the other parts out of the layer. I.E. if I had a triangle within a square, I copied it, and in one layer deleted the square and in the other deleted the triangle. I then moved the now seperate objects back into the same layer.

After this, I had an issue with my objects incorrectly filling (c key). Sometimes, these curves can, in newbie terminology, become ‘tangled up’. Where the fill seems to cut off, try grabbing a control point of the curve and moving it around. It was almost like a kink in a hose for me, I saw a loop unravel, then suddenly it filled correctly.

I suggest, when using the curves to trace an image, that you do one part at a time until you know exactly what’s going to happen.

Thank you so much, RickyBlender, for the help!

Okay, so I’m trying to do the 3D logo tutorial, and am kind of going off on my own a bit, as my logo’s a bit complex (For my level) and I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile.

Basically, i want to fill only one of the colors of the logo, either black or white (excluding the rim, which I’ll work on later). Blender is filling it in a weird way, the attached screenshots will show it.

What do I need to do? (This is the tutorial I’m LOOSELY following: )


*WIP images removed. New issues at bottom.

just ad new material to the faces selected and assign them
then select color and texture you want !


Oh, oops…

I have to remember to let the program do the work. This is creating seperate faces, right?

Also, when I finish the outline of a shape, how do I ‘join’ the curves to finish creating the face? It looks like, when it fills the shapes, that it gets it but I’m not sure.

Double post, I know. It’s not creating the faces I want, when I put the outside ring together.

Edit: Also, how do I merge two bezier curves?

Edit 2: Annnnnd…now it’s not letting me turn the fill off with C, now that I’ve added another curve. Blender hates me today.

you can joint the 2 curves then merge and at last use the C-key to close the loop


How do I merge two curves, then? Or does C do a ‘best guess’ merging then fill in the completed shape?

you should read more about it in wiki for curves !

to joint select the 2 curves then Ctrl-J

then select 2 vertices and F-Key to add edge
and at last to closed the curve then select last 2 vertices and C-Key


Okay, shoot…I think I’ve blended myself into a corner here. I’ve done the entire outline in one object, I thought I’d be able to connect the ends. I’m at a loss as to what to do now, I’m thinking about extruding then hitting escape, and then using p to split it into different objects, but I have a feeling I’m going to have to start over completely. =(

This is really quite frusterating to try to do with carpal tunnel flaring up. I’m sorry I’m asking so many dumb questions, when I’m in a flare up I can work about 45 minutes a day, then have to stop.

Edit: How would I copy the outline I’ve done to multiple different layers, so I could delete the parts that I didn’t want per layer, as opposed to starting all over?

can you show a pic
wold be easier to help here


Read next post! (Will be writing a noob to pro tutorial on how to make a really awesome chaingun in thanks for your support, RickyBlender!)

Okay, I almost got it, but am having trouble with one of the fills. The 3D cursor is where the beginning/end parts of the curve are. It’s not filling in the white wolf’s head correctly.

(This layer is only the outline of the white wolf, no ears, nothing)


did you do it in 2D or 3D?

is it possible to upload the file
i can have a look on it - you can PM a site if you prefer to

not certain of what the problem
sorry i did so many that i don’t even think about it and just do it
so if i ahve the file i’m sur i’ll be able to figure out what wrong with this!


If you have an IM account, like AIM, MSN, or Yahoo, I can send it through there. My AIM and Yahoo are both wfwolvenmoon and my MSN is wolvenmoon via gmail dot com. I always have an away up on these accounts, but most of the time I’m here. (From about noon to midnight, GMT -6)

I’m also able to broadcast it over and show the problem live during those times, if seeing exactly where I’m hung up would help.

I’ll also PM you a link to download the .blend file off of my site. Edit: Also, zoomed in on the part that’s stopping me up for now. I’m planning to bring it all back to one layer once I get each one set up how I like it.

1 - what are you trying to do
i can see you got different model on different layer why ?

are you trying to do a 3D model multi layer with bezier curves?
not following what you wan to achieve here

2 - i look at the first one and seems closed fine and good
see pic

3 - layer 2 seems to be the negative of layer one
and it’s closed
do you want tto join theses 2 curves together?

dont’ worry about the blue bezier model it’s just a test i did

4 - i transfert the seocnd layer’s model to layer one and added some color
see pic 2
here yov got 2 bezier curves on same layer

byt the way english is not my first language so
can you explain what the " Carpal flaring up " imeans ?


Okay, so in summary:
1.They’re on different layers because they originally were all one curve, so I made several copies on different layers and deleted the parts I didn’t need. I planned on moving them all back to layer 1 when on each layer they were filling right.

2.Is Z1 just my layer 1 recolored? I attached an image showing exactly what I’m having happen with the white wolf. (Edit: I moved layer 2 onto layer 1 to do so)

3.I want each wolf to be separate materials, and I want each ear to be a separate material, so that I can select different materials.

4.I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which means that as I type the median nerve in my arms gets constricted and my fingers go numb and get stiff, forcing me to get off of the computer for the day.

I have speech to text software that I can use to ‘type’ on this computer by speaking into the microphone, but the computer I use blender 3D on does not have it.

5.For speaking English as a second language, you’re doing an awesome job at understanding and helping me, thanks!


by having the 2 curves on the same layer i think is fine
they are 2 objects

now are you planning to convert to mesh?

unless you got something else you want to do as curves

you can add material to faces i think
but never done that before

mind you i know how to do that with mesh but curve hum ???

i/m gone open a new thread on thsi subject
be back



is it possible to do a curve model
and apply several material to it and how

a sample file would be nice to show this

apprecaite any help on this


You can upload blend files right here in board. Click the Go Advanced button and choose manage attachments. The BLEND file must be under 900k.

The way I would approach this is to place the logo in illustrator (maybe you have that program) do a live trace to convert the image into a vector shape. Save the file as a SVG file from illustrator. Then import SVG to Blender and click extrude.

There can be fix-ups required going this route, but it is generally a lot quicker than tracing a logo point by point.

Oh, wow, that isn’t the issue I’m having yet. I was able to assign materials to the curves.

I circled where I’m having the filling issue in mine. I’m not sure why yours isn’t doing this. The white behind it is from the image, it isn’t part of the object.

Edit: To clarify, the issue I’m having is that the white (blue) wolf’s ears aren’t filling in, instead the area in between them is. I also only have gimp, and am not able to afford adobe illustrator.


i just saw something here
it’s a symetrical dwg - nice work

darn i did not see that before sorry!

i don’t see any white near the ears ?

where did you get this white see pic ?

as i said i dont think you can have nore than on material on a curve
so you may have to add another curve and retrace the old curve
or you convert to mesh than modify it !

happy blendering