Bit of Help

I’ve been working on this for a bit.

I am missing something about this scene but am stuck - hence asking for some fresh thoughts.

I am thinking at the very least remove the water from the leaf. It looks a bit odd.

Where are you going with this? It looks like a huge leaf on a waterfront because we can see both and the waves are big enough for that. The curved bank suggests that you might have tried to go for a fisheye lens effect, which could explain why we see both, but it might need to be more distorted for that.

The leaf has too low saturation, all plants are too organized and the saturation doesn look like it matches, the trees might have scale issues, bank curvature is too uniform if it’s not for a fisheye lens effect.

It’s always good idea to check references. For example, if you do a google image search for “maple leaf in water” you’ll find that there are no pictures that shows a maple leaf like that. So a big leaf or even with a fisheye lens is somewhat unique but they can still give good ideas about what the leaves look like, reflections. A fallen maple leaf also suggests its autumn, so quite saturated pallette of colors on most plants might not be a bad idea.