Bit of rigging trouble

I’m recently rigged a model (just a basic rig, haven’t gotten far into it) and I started at the base of the spine. After going up, I went down. Now, however, the hips are disconnected from the spine, but whenever I re-connect them, it doesn’t coonect to the bottom of the spine, but the top. How can I fix this, because animating it has become a pain because of this.

Well, I am stumped by bones, but I think I can help with this.

Select the bottom point of the bottom bone. The do a Shift-e and extrude the bones.

You can follow this tut:

After that, if you have x axis mirror on, then just select the right hip and do a normal e to extrude it.

Hope that helps.

Parent them without the con button on. If you need something to connect to, create another parent before the first bone in the spine, and connect both the spine01 and the hipbones to it.